The GORE® Hybrid Vascular Graft is an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) vascular prosthesis that provides a streamlined solution for challenging dialysis access, aortic debranching, and arterial bypass procedures.

Three trusted technologies join together in this single one-of-a-kind graft:

  • A durable nitinol reinforced section that is partially constrained to allow easy insertion and deployment into a vessel.
  • A proven thrombo resistant CARMEDA® BioActive Surface (CBAS®Surface) with stable, end-point covalently bonded heparin.
  • Unmatched graft handling characteristics that are consistent with all Gore vascular grafts. Not only is the device kink resistant and flexible at curves. It provides smooth passage through a tissue tunnel. A continuous luminal surface facilitates revisions and allows for precise arterial suturing and anastomotic tailoring.

Featuring extended reach with an endoluminal anastomosis, the GORE®Hybrid Device maximizes the number of access sites available for consideration – including challenging site locations and deep vessels – thereby expanding treatment options while reducing vessel manipulation and dissection. Offering both open and over the wire deployment options, it adds versatility in de novo, bypass and revision procedures1.

Unlike a conventional end-to-side anastomosis, the GORE® Hybrid Vascular Graft deploys as a sutureless outflow anastomosis2. Designed to reduce intimal hyperplasia1 and improve outflow hemodynamics, the laminar flow is in line with the host vessel. The nitinol reinforced section effectively shields the vessel lumen area most susceptible to injury and failure. In addition, the device features a low permeability film to enhance seroma resistance.

The GORE® Hybrid Vascular Graft provides a new way in for better outflow – and the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes.