Epic Stent System provides exactly the right balance.

 Exceptional Flexibility

  • Tandem Architecture™ Stent Design features Macro™, Medium and Micro™ Struts, as well as patented connector patterns—designed to optimize flexibility
  • Hybrid Architecture Design with open- and closed-cell geometry engineered to provide flexibility and deployment uniformity

 Balanced Radial Force

  • Macro and Micro Struts are engineered to work in tandem for balanced force—even in tortuous vasculature

 Excellent Deployment Accuracy

  • Ergonomic handle with two convenient deployment options: thumb wheel and pull grip
  • Radiopaque stent markers and catheter shaft marker band enhance visibility and simplify placement

 Fracture Resistance

  • Meticulous surface finishing and polishing to remove imperfections and improve fracture resistance
  • Tandem Architecture Stent Design engineered to bend and flex and reduce the risk of fracture
  • High-grade Nitinol tubing