Closed Cell Stent Design

  • Intended to provide increased scaffolding for optimal lesion coverage
  • Designed to promote excellent angiographic results
  • Engineered to provide a smooth inner lumen

Highly Deliverable

  • Low-profile, highly flexible delivery system designed to provide excellent tracking through tortuous anatomy
  • Monorail delivery system allows rapid catheter exchanges


  • Reconstrainable* when deployed up to the limit marker band


  • Exceptional stent radiopacity intended to provide excellent angiographic visibility for precise positioning
  • Radiopaque markers on the inner shaft and retractable outer sheath are designed to aid in stent positioning

Bilateral Indication

  • Carotid WALLSTENT Endoprosthesis is the only carotid stent indicated for use in high surgical risk patients suffering from either ipsilateral or bilateral disease